Business Development and Fundraising

Business development could be loosely described as the collective efforts and activities that support the growth, development and evolution of an organisation or establishment.

Business development is about taking a business or establishment from where it currently is, to where it needs to be. This could be achieved through innovation, developing credible, winning proposals, new product development, market research, competitor analysis, strategic product pricing, strategic marketing or any other approach. Business development is also about maximising a business’ appeal to existing customers, while expanding into new markets and bringing new customers on board.

Fundraising, in all of its forms, is crucial for entities to pursue their programs and activities to fulfil their causes.

Fundraising encompasses the processes and techniques of asking raising funds from different sources. Without fundraising, organizations would have no incoming revenue. Our training package introduces you to simple, yet powerful tools that will enable your organization or establishment (it could be your church, school, company, a local NGO or even a community-based project for a specific population group) to raise the money it needs to pursue its objectives.

Our competency development approach makes it possible to get our participants to work on fundraising and resource mobilization activities through mentorship, working alongside our best, high-end consultants who have worked on business development and fundraising campaigns with renowned donors over the years.

By the end of this training:

  • You’ll be armed with the knowledge and skills you need to seamlessly pursue business development initiatives that yield results. 
  • You will be armed with business development intelligence and an arsenal of proven tactics for every situation, tailored to the specific sectors you work with.
  • You’ll learn the techniques of creating, attending and/or leveraging special events as an opportunity for donor identification, donor cultivation and donor appreciation and integral elements in fundraising.
  • You’ll learn the sources and techniques for research and prospecting, grant writing, the tools and resources that will help you to understand which foundations and major donors may fund your activities or projects 
  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of digital fundraising—a technique that is fundamentally growing in importance. Key competencies will include the strategic use of websites, social media, emailing and other digital enablers to reach out to potential funders and obtain the funding you need.
  • You’ll learn strategy, essential (ethical) email hacking, cold emailing, cold calling, pitching, selling, how to close deals, build a network, manage partners, generate leads, and much more including the human psychology behind all of this.

This training prepares and transforms you into an smart, proactive, aggressive resource within your organization—a resource that intuitively sniffs for, identifies and maximizes opportunities for fundraising and business development to get your establishment from its current financial state to the desirable state where you would like to see it.