Thinking of working with Vanuatu Associates?

We avail career opportunities across a whole range of professions at different levels.

We do this by identifying, pre-selecting, seconding and posting or deploying experts on behalf of our partners. We second, post or deploy our experts to our partner organizations to contribute their expertise on roles and functions where which they have a competitive advantage—pursuing regional and international development or humanitarian work. 

We also take on experts to professionally manage our support functions such as Human Resources, IT, Finance, Business Development and others.

Careers - Vanuatu associates
Careers - Vanuatu associates

Whatever your profession, or career level,

we avail the opportunity to ensure that your voice, through your contribution to knowledge discovery, documentation and dissemination is heard at the highest levels. Details of all vacancy positions will be availed here.

If you have further questions,

please send an email to

Vanuatu Associates