Development Communications

This course takes a practical approach to development communications.

You’ll learn what you need to know about media management and public relations, social networks, visual and data-based storytelling, low-tech communication ideas, all about cross-platform storytelling, ethical issues in development communications, and much more.

You will learn how to use storytelling to engage new audiences, craft more engaging social media posts, devise targeted and action-oriented communication plans. You’ll also learn about effective communication and its role in developmental, understand the important aspects of development communication theory, differentiate the types of communication and understand the roles they play in development. You will also develop practical skills in designing communication strategies to handle developmental problems such as report-writing skills, among others.

Development Communications - Vanuatu Associates

You will be challenged to work on real-life communication projects, which may involve creating a communication strategy for an NGO with a low budget, delivering a digital report for donors and launching a global communication campaign.

Who’s eligible?

The Development Communications training course is ideal for:

  • Development outreach and communications professionals
  • Implementing partners of donor-funded development activities
  • Policy makers and senior executives 
  • Writers and story tellers
  • Creative Executives
  • Practitioners interested in development communications
Communications - Vanuatu Associates

Development communication in health and gender, Development communication in Activism Humanitarianism, and social change, Development communication in ICT and open development, Development communication in environment and sustainability, Development communication in Inequality, Global poverty and Hunger.