Election Manifesto Writing

Are you planning on standing for elected office?

Let us write your election manifesto!

Your election manifesto is a statement of your readiness and intent to lead and serve. It is your strategic, self-marketing tool and plan of action. It is a declaration of your intentions as a candidate aspiring for elected office. It outlines your intentions, motives, views and tailors these to align with those of your political party, social-economic group or any other affiliation(s) of your interest.

Election Manifesto Writing - Vanuatu Associates

Our package includes

  • Conducting an interview with you and/or any of you advisors to document and present an account of the impact of your achievements to the electorate in your constituency (if you have held elected office before. 
  • Commissioning our team of experts to conduct an assessment of the situation and needs of the people in your constituency with relation to availability, adequacy and access to essential services. On your behalf, the team will consult with key opinion leaders in your constituency, voters, women and youth groups, and more—to establish the priorities of your constituency, upon which to build your informed, evidence-based election manifesto
  • Visualizing and mapping the needs of the people in your constituency. We focus on key development indicators, including infrastructure, health, education, water supply, human rights observance, economic activity and social welfare, among others–presenting these with relation to locality population density. 
  • Helping you to document proven ideas on strategic solutions or interventions to counter the challenges and close the gaps in availability, adequacy and access to essential services.
  • Typesetting your manifesto with charts, maps, facts and figures and photographs reflective of the real issues in your constituency. It also includes two printouts of the document. 
  • Briefing you on the content of your manifesto. While you’ll be part and parcel of the process, our briefing will help you familiarize with the document and confidently speak to the issues contained therein, in the face of your voters.

Optional services include

  • Translating it to a language better understood by your electorate, 
  • Mass printing of your manifesto in full color or as appropriate,
  • Design and printing of your campaign posters, fliers and related election materials.