GIS Analysis and Mapping

GIS constitutes the framework for gathering, managing, analyzing and presenting data.

It enables the analysis of spatial or location-based information and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps. Geography and the application of Geographical Information Systems or GIS is cross-cutting. It’s application spans virtually all aspects of human existence and human activity.

GIS Analysis and Mapping - Vanuatu Associates

This is a practical, hands-on training during which some time may dedicated dealing with essential theoretical concepts related to spatial data analysis. By the end of this training, you will:

  • Have a greater clarity of basic spatial data concepts and data types;
  • Carry out practical spatial data analysis tasks using commercial or freely available software applications (notably ESRI’s ArcMap and Quantum GIS respectively);
  • Learn about the kind of questions that are answered through spatial analysis and mapping;
  • Learn where to obtain spatial data and datasets to get you going;
  • Analyze spatial data using common spreadsheet software and Quantum GIS;
  • Integrate and process raster and vector data using Quantum GIS;
  • Demonstrate your expertise by working on a real-life humanitarian or development outreach related spatial data analysis project in a selected sector;
  • Have capacity to analyze spatial data for your own projects using powerful GIS analysis and mapping tools.

Take advantage of our training packages

Offered to teams of 2-25 learners.

You may also apply to take the training as an individual. We tailor GIS training for specific sectors and operational environments. These may include:

  • GIS for Health
  • GIS for Education
  • GIS for Recovery and Development Outreach Mapping
  • GIS for Water
  • Sanitation and Hygiene, Protection
  • Nutrition, the Environment
  • GIS in Banking and Finance
  • GIS in the Justice, Law and Order Sector
  • GIS in Ethnic Mapping, GIS in the Mapping of Population Movements, and much more.

Who’s eligible?

The GIS Analysis, Mapping course is ideal for:

  • Development/Outreach Analysts
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Population Analysts
  • Service Availability/Accessibility Analysts
  • Individuals who work, or aim to work with spatial data

Our GIS Analysis and Mapping training program also includes Mapping and Spatial Data Analysis, GIS in Monitoring and Evaluation.

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