Professional Organizing

Less is More

When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment.

Our professional service packages ensure that you adapt minimalism–a recommended approach to life where we help you to declutter your physical and digital space so that you focus on what matters most.

Professional Organizing - Vanuatu Associates

Three essential questions

  • Do you find the amount of space available for the management of your physical or digital documents, resources or holding limited?
  • Are there times when you get challenged accessing or retrieving what you need because your domestic or enterprise documents, materials, holdings are mixed up?
  • Does it slow you down, resulting in despair and frustration?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions, please read on.

Professional Organizing - Vanuatu Associates

We are experts in professional organizing.

We know that what slows people down causes them pain, makes life frustrating and leads to despair. We’ll professionally help you to embrace essentialism. Our package will include

  • Professionally re-organizing and decluttering your home study room, your office or enterprise digital or physical operational environment. 
  • Organizing and classifying your home or office physical documents using a classification method that is scientific, yet user-friendly so that you do not have waste time in finding and retrieving what you need.
  • Digitizing your books, pamphlets, valued photographic memories, important news clips, and all other vital physical knowledge resources that you need to digitize and preserve.
  • Developing digital and manual shelf lists outlining what you hold in your home study room or office environment to help you easily search, find and retrieve what you need—exactly when you need it. 

Professional Organizing - Vanuatu Associates
Professional Organizing - Vanuatu Associates
  • Advising on storage and shelving—including support on acquisition of document shelves and storage equipment that suits your home study or office situation
  • We’ll professionally archive what you do not use regularly. 
  • Development of a user-friendly catalogue, so you know what knowledge you own, and in what format. 
  • Recommending a document retention schedule—with options for digitization, donation, shredding or destruction of what you do not need.
  • Training your team—building their capacity to maintain a clutter-free, productivity environment. 

To help you to better organize your home study room space, office or enterprise operational environment, our professional organizing experts will speak to your teams about embracing minimalism and managing digital clutter to enhance performance.