Research | Surveys – Needs and Impact Assessments

What is it that you need to find out? 

  • Would you like to discover it using polls or surveys?
  • Are you contemplating on conducting a needs assessment to obtain the necessary evidence base for your planning and programming?
  • Would you like to measure the impact of your interventions, value for money or whether your efforts resulted in a positive change in people’s life?
Research | Surveys – Needs and Impact Assessments - Vanuatu Africa

You can bank on

more than 45 years of combined experience

Our key expert teams will help you achieve this, and much more.


Our service package includes

  • Problem analysis, problem definition and refinement
  • Design of data collection—including electronic and manual data collection using such proven tools as ODK, Kobo Toolbox and much more—to collect all kinds of data, including voice, images, GPS coordinates or geo-referenced data, and much more, using paper and/or handheld devices
  • Statistical data analysis to establish meaningful trend to guide your planning and programming.
  • Preparation and production of research, assessment and survey reports, factsheets, situation reports and one-page briefers—with maps, charts, key figures and context behind the numbers.
  • Training of your teams on the theory and practice of conducting credible polls, survey needs assessments, impact monitoring assessments, including reporting of research findings