Roster of Domain Experts

Are you a professional with a with a strong humanitarian, crisis recovery and development background?

Join our roster of domain experts!

Vanuatu Associates welcomes experts with appropriate experience to apply to be roster members. This enables us to grow and maintain our pool of high-capacity personnel to respond to emergencies and development challenges at any given time.

Roster of Domain Experts - Vanuatu Associates

So, what is a roster?

A roster is a list of professionals awaiting contact, secondment, posting or deployment. The Vanuatu Associates roster of domain experts comprises exclusively selected, experienced and domain experts from across the globe.
When available, selected members of the Vanuatu Associates roster of experts are ready to deploy to national, regional and international operations within the shortest time.

We maintain a thorough and detailed roster recruitment process, ensuring that we select only the most suitable people for our partner agencies. 

At this stage we are accepting applications from candidates who have professional skills and demonstrable experience in the following areas:

  • Business development
  • Child protection
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Communication for development
  • Counter-trafficking in persons
  • Data and information management 
  • Demography – population profiling
  • Disability and inclusion
  • Disaster management
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Document formatting/typesetting
  • Education in emergencies
  • Education in emergencies
  • Elections monitoring
  • Finance and Administration
  • Fine Arts (sketching/cartooning)
  • Food science and nutrition
  • Gender-based violence 
  • Geospatial analysis and mapping
  • Governance and rule of law
  • Human Resources
  • Human rights
  • Humanitarian coordination
  • M&E, Accountability and Learning
  • Photography (professional)
  • Profiling (Entity/Phenomena)
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Technical writing
  • Videography (shooting, editing)
  • Water and sanitation

Applicants – Register to our Roster of Experts

Are you a qualified, experienced and interested professional?

Apply to the Vanuatu Associates Roster of Domain Experts for pre-selection and possible secondment to fill short and long-term positions with our partners. It’s free and voluntary. Please provide information about your suitability using the following form. If you encounter difficulties, send an email to 

Organizations – Request for an Expert

Are you looking for support identifying a domain or subject matter expert?

You’ve come to the right place. Please use our contact us form and we’ll recommend one. You may also send an email to
While try our best to accord the same level of support to our callers, we’d highly recommend that you contact us using the form or send us your request or inquiry by email to make an appointment. We assure you of our quick response.