Vulnerability Mapping, Needs Assessment and Analysis

This training focuses on the vulnerability, risk and needs analysis process.

It spans the entire spectrum of approaches, from using different methods to analyse vulnerabilities and risks to assessing needs when life-threatening events happen. Needs assessment provide leaders and responsible actors with a snapshot of the problems, policy, systems, and environmental change strategies currently in place and helps to identify areas for improvement.

Vulnerability Mapping, Needs Assessment and Analysis - Vanuatu Associates
Vulnerability Mapping, Needs Assessment and Analysis - Vanuatu Associates

Vulnerability analysis, mapping and risk assessment constitute essential pillars in preparedness.

Needs assessments are critical for providing reliable data that is essential for planning, programming and decision making when crises or life-threatening situations occur and affect communities or population groups. Life-threatening situations could include fire outbreaks, famine, epidemics and disease outbreaks, floods, conflicts or a combination of two or more of these. The availability of reliable, timely and representative data makes it possible to map out the affected and most-at-risk population groups with relation to availability, adequacy and access to life-saving services.

Our training package covers comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment and mapping, needs assessment, needs analysis and reporting. Aspects covered include:

  • overview of needs assessment
  • Planning of assessments, problem definition
  • Review of primary and secondary data sources
  • Design of data collection, assessment plans
  • Data processing, summarization and presentation
  • Creation of action plans.
Vulnerability Mapping, Needs Assessment and Analysis - Vanuatu Associates

By the end of this training, you will be able to perform vulnerability, risk and needs assessments within the context of chronic vulnerabilities, risks and needs associated with sudden onset, extreme events and hazards. This training will enhance your skills in disaster risk reduction planning along with decision analysis, emergency or crisis preparedness planning