Who we are

We are a premier knowledge profiling firm. We harnessing data, information and knowledge to deliver unique and granular insight out of otherwise obscure reality.

We leverage scientific discoveries, research and analysis to provide opportunities for addressing the problems facing humanity. We deploy world-class data, information and knowledge management best practices to create an inter-connected global economy where human expertise is valued.

We envision a world where the collection and collation of facts, fact-checking, documentation and effective communication enable evidence-based action.

We dream of a world where leveraging digital capabilities, information and communications technology reshape the global knowledge landscape–leaving no one behind.

Vanuatu Associates – Think Different. Do Different.
Vanuatu Associates – Think Different. Do Different

Our mission

To optimize technology, attract and retain talent and partnerships critical in fostering availability and access to data, information and knowledge upon which a progressive and inter-connected world thrives.