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We facilitate decision making informed by the best-available evidence. We advocate for the use of science in environmental policy and practice.

Innovation in Technology

Exploring technological innovations that shift paradigms. Applying technology to help remedy a variety of wider challenges facing society today and tomorrow.

Geospatial thinking

Leveraging geospatial capabilities to manage data and information on people and places. Utilising data and evidence in profiling the world around us, creating a better understanding of humanity’s challenges and the opportunities to face them.

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Service to the human person.

Vanuatu Associates is a premier profiling firm, focused on harnessing data, information and knowledge in delivering unique and granular insight out of obscure reality. We are a passionate establishment. We capitalize on the collection of data, on data analysis and the use of information, knowledge and evidence to provide solutions to domestic, enterprise and governance challenges–at the individual, community, national, regional and international level.

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